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Wear White to A Wedding?

Posted on 08 Aug, 2018

Commonly, we know that brides wear white to symbolize purity and innocence. But wedding dresses only started being white less than 200 years ago. Red was actually the most popular color for wedding gowns until at 1840, Queen Victoria wore a lacy white gown for her wedding to Albert. The dress turned out to be a massive hit, and soon after other women were choosing Victoria-inspired dresses for their big day.

Since then, it’s frowned upon to wear white as a wedding guest in case you get mistaken for the bride. But as we look at the history, we know that at the end of the day, trends could come and go any day. Recently, many brides choose to wear any color she likes. Simultaneously, white color for the wedding attendants is becoming more acceptable.

We’re also seeing a rise in all-white themed parties lately. Beyonce and Jay Z asked all guests to wear white to their wedding, while some brides opting for white bridesmaid dresses - like Kate Middleton and Poppy Delevingne. Slowly, the taboo of wearing white is diminishing. Without further ado, here’s our picks for a white dress code.




Top left to bottom right: White Four Tiered Top, Irish Bodo Tulle Asymmetrical Pattern, Storm Dress, Lenore Dress

Psstt, a little note from us, some brides are more traditional than others. It's best to see what others in your friendship or family group are doing. And, if in doubt, always check with the hosts.


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