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The Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide with MYVB Atelier

Posted on 23 Jul, 2018

If you can’t see an empty weekend anymore on your online calendar because of all the wedding invitations you have RSVP’d for, we’re betting that your wedding guest shopping list is fast growing — we’re here to help! As a guest, we always want to look our best because a wedding could be a mini reunion between your friends and family. The amount of incoming invitations may overwhelm you, especially when you aren’t familiar with the theme. But worry not, because we have some style recommendations for you to rock each event.

The Traditional Wedding

Loose Tunics

We all agree that kebaya is our classic go-to for traditional wedding. But lately, the trend is shifting to kebaya-inspired dresses and tunics because it looks modest yet very stylish.



Top left to bottom right: Irish Bodo Tulle Tunic, Mary Kate Clutch, Taylor Shoes, Double Ring


This is the-always-safe option for traditional weddings. Because of its loose fit, you could eat the buffet as much as you want without compromising on comfort.



Top left to bottom right: Humble Kaftan, Monopole Clutch, Harper Shoes, Sidon in Black


The Chinese Wedding

Minimalist Lace Dresses 

Simple and elegant lace dress like this one below is the right pick for any wedding theme, including international ones. Pair it with simple shoes and clutch to complete the look.



Top left to bottom right: Dorothy Dress, Melati Embroidered Clutch, Sund Flats, Rea

The Classic Cheongsam 

If you’re invited to a Tea Pai ceremony, wear a Cheongsam Dress like this to harmonize your outfit with the theme. Here’s a little tip, put your hair up and wear some earrings.



Top left to bottom right: Hanna Cheongsam Dress, Ashley Clutch, Maleakhi Red, Fig 16 Earrings

The Outdoor Wedding

Floral Embellishments 

Harmonize the garden theme with your outfit by wearing floral dresses like these! The pink color will look stunning with the greenery.



Top left to bottom right: Lyra Dress, Shuma Bag in Dusty Pink, Dawn Mules, Panay Earrings


The Beachfront Wedding

Carefree Dresses

Beach wedding may seem beautiful and sacred. But, we all can’t deny the hot weather will make us sweat. Pick dress with airy fabric and loose fit like this one, and you’ll be comfortable for the day.



Top left to bottom right: Oscar Dress, Doxotofu, Jaden Shoes, Lunaria Choker


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