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Hosting A Party At Home

Posted on 09 Aug, 2018

Do you have an upcoming occasion you’re looking forward to, like a birthday or wedding anniversary? Well, no celebration is warmer and more intimate than a party at home. Even if you don’t have any celebrations in the near future, it’s always a good idea to bring your close friends to gather and feast at your house. Hosting a good party is almost all about preparation, so keep on reading to find some inspirations that you can add on to your party plans.

Food and Drinks

People go to parties expecting to be fed well, right? Make sure you cook or order sufficient food and drinks for the number of guests. Match the cuisine with your guest preference or the theme you’re trying to pursue - barbecue, bancakan, etc. Don’t forget to have snacks around because chit-chat is never complete with a little bit of munchies.

Music Playlist

If the music is whack, your party won’t be as fun. Find out if your friend or family has music and singing skills, and have them play a mini band at your garden. Alternatively, a good playlist will set up the mood. Again, the playlist should fit your guest preference. If the guests’ age is ranging wide, then you have to play neutral genres that can be enjoyable to most.


Buy some fresh flowers and arrange them on your table or house corners. Don’t forget to put up the theme decoration (if there’s any). Then, give your house a little touch by placing some scented candles (we recommend this pretty one from Swoon Scents!). You could also perfume the home with Kaminari’s Botanical Wax Sachet In Oval.



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