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Let us know how many items along with the brands you’d like to consign. We’ll respond as soon as possible regarding approved brands.


You can deliver the consigned dress(es) to our gallery. Our address is Jalan Bumi no. 7. Or you can let us know if you’d prefer pick-up service 1 day prior pick-up.

Approved dresses

We’ll assess and send you an appropriate quotation for approved items. The quotation will include retail price, current price, rental price, and cover charge (if the dress is damaged/lost). We will return dresses we find unfit for consignment back to you.

Sit back and relax

We will promote your dresses both online and offline by doing a photoshoot for them, putting them online, recommending them to potential clients. You will receive consignment invoice every 5th of the month along with proof of payment (if the dresses you consign get rented that month).

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